You – Real

The thought You would care for me,
Just boggles my mind, it does.
The thought – I can be set free,
Set free from all that was?

The idea that I can move ahead,
Not face each day with so much dread.
When trials come, not feel alone?
Is this really meant for me?

The promise for many brighter days,
Appeals to me in so many ways.
Circles I’ve walked, many vicious were they –
A break in all those cycles this day?

And what is this I have to sell?
For a way of life that’s not all Hell?
For a way of life teaching me peace
For a way of life that can release –
This pain.

I’ve searched my brain for all it’s known –
I’ve given all as I have grown.
This time the answer not from my head.
Yes, this time void of that awful dread.

This time comes the call deep within –
‘Just come to me and you’ll begin –
Believe I’m real – come follow Me –
One step at a time and you will see.’

Cry out to Me, ‘I need Your best –
Just teach me how to flow and rest.’
And then you’ll hear, ‘Open your heart,
I’ll show real love, not just a part.’

There is no name above His name –
It’s JESUS, He took all the blame
There’s no one who hears more clearly.
He loves you and He’ll hold you dearly.