You First

Though the world tries to pull me away –
There is one thing I’ll stand here and say –
Just You first, God.

There are many roles I stand in
There are many directions I land in
But, I hunger for that which Your hand’s in
Yes, You first God.

I’ll love those around me as You show me how
I’ll surely not settle, I’ll not take a bow
To our ways – contrary – divided from truth
Screaming and shouting and acting uncouth.
Yes, only You, God.

These ways that we know are with us on the throne
We always are ‘right’- pretending we own
All knowledge and patents that ever were
Not noticing how little we know for sure.
Yes, you said all, God.

We hold on so tight to the things we know
Defending, protecting, so our fear won’t show.
Debating, berating, those that disagree
Deceived by the thought that ‘we’re slightly free’
Yes, speak truth God.

When we come together and finally agree
This church that You’ve assigned power
Not looking to man and ways that he sees
Just humbling ourselves in this hour.
Putting You first, God.

So, take off the blinders we hold so dear
Unplug our ears so we start to hear.
The wisdom of the ways You designed
Following strategies of the Divine.
Yes, Yours’s, God.