Yes – Decree

You said that I could decree a thing,
They said my voice didn’t matter.
I thought, how would I sort this out?
Distinguish between all the chatter?

So many telling me how to walk,
Even more telling me how to talk
Yes, how old do I must be?
Before I recognize in me, there’s wisdom?

What voice do I listen to?
Distinguish just what one is true?
What is that God, what are You saying?
Just walk with You and keep on praying?

Rely not on my incessant thinking?
Remember most just keeps on linking
To the things, I’ve thought before
Through the patterns walk once more.

When I’m thinking ‘this’ or ‘that’
When I see through ‘either’ ‘or’
Wake me God to: ‘It is Me’
Shift me Lord, so I can see –
From YOUR point of view.

Your Word says very clearly –
Your ways are not my ways –
Your thoughts are not my thoughts –
Your length of days are not my days.

I believe I can understand
As You guide me with Your hand.
You know I’ve searched through what’s not You.
Then discovering what’s always true –
Your Word, Lord.

So, help me now to overcome
The ways my minds distracted
Remind me now that You’re the one
With the plan to be reenacted.

This day I will decree a thing
Aligning with your plan
And see, as only You can bring
What’s guided by Your hand.