Who Will Stand?

Who will stand in this generation?
Who will stand with bold determination?
Who will stand in the shedding of tears?
Who will stand for the redemption of years?
Yes, who will still stand?

Who will stand and not be swayed?
Who will stand and not be played?
Through the decades, we’ve walked through the trials.
Through the heartaches, deceptions and miles –
Of rough roads.

Yet, we’re far from ready to be cast aside.
Yes, we’re far from ready to bail from this ride.
We’ve stood and been strengthened through every turn
Diligent, determined, continuing to learn –
All we can.

Now we see through eyes, sometimes seasoned and wise
We seek first the ONE who’s embraced us.
We stood on our own, understand ‘all alone’
Knelt, surrendered, and allowed HIM –
To reshape us.

We desire to be seen as more than gray in the crowd
Reshaped and restored, yes, we’re crying out loud.
Don’t miss it, don’t shelve it, don’t warehouse us away
Make with us a space; yes, a space where we may –
Pour out and flow.

A place where we’re asked, ‘What do you know?’
A place we’re embraced, a place we can show –
That there is more left in us, than poured out to date
For in our hearts and hands it is not too late –
‘To help shift’

When ‘honor’ is spoken, just what does that mean?
Walk by us quietly, as though we’re not seen?
For as we still walk, a big price has been paid –
There’s perseverance and courage in that path we laid. -Yes, see us.

There is much in our minds and our hearts to be shared
There is so much desire to be linked and be paired
With ones who can listen to the wisdom formed
One’s not afraid to step out of the norm of
‘Ignore them.’
Oh, hear us.

Consider the thought, – ‘they may not yet be done’
We are finding our voice through the battles we’ve won.
We’ve much more to say than just talk of the past
We come with boldness and strength proven, that lasts.
Yes, include us.

The scars that we carry, the ‘healed’ of our hearts,
Our transparent hunger, our countless new starts.
Our resilient devotion to those we love
When solidly embraced, could give all a big shove
To His arms.

Include the wisdom of won lessons in life –
Embracing connection and stomping out strife.
We ask, as you see us, as you glance our way
Remember, we’re believing for a power – filled day.
Yes, we’re standing.