Where are the Mothers?

Once given a role known as – Mother
Intent to be grounded in ‘other’
Intent to be listening for wisdom from You.
Intent to be guided by principles true.

Intent to be taught by those gone before.
Intent to be full of love, wisdom and more.
Intent to be arms that wanted to hold
Intent to have a mind to wisely mold.

Intent to bond and let others grow.
Intent to ask – then would know.
Intent to be there in times full of need
Intent to teach love rather than greed.

Intent to feed them full from our breast.
Intent to help them grow into their best.
Intent we’d see the preciousness within
Intent we’d embrace and help them begin.

Intent to value every breath they’d take
Intent to stand and know what was at stake.
Intent we’d make way for purpose You meant.
Intent we’d honor and love what You sent.

But many times, along the way
We’ve turned from You, we’ve gone astray.
We’ve often put our wishes first
From those ways, have come the worst,
‘Not want them.’

At what point of time did we choose we could,
Not allow them to develop and thrive as they would?
What made us think a law could define?
Destroy so many sent from the divine?

What made us think there’s no price to pay?
What made us think we could have our own way?
How were we deceived to engage in such lies?
How do we return and repent not despise?
Whether the pain is turned in or turned out
Though we muffle it down, there still is a shout.
A shout that arises from deep in our heart
This shout won’t be silenced, it is now a part.

Is it really such a mystery?
Of how our much-blurred history –
Prevents our life from moving ahead?
Often filled with daily dread.

Though we quickly try hard to forget
It can’t blot out the deep regret.
Regret that deeply scars our breasts
Regret, though hidden, steals our rest.

Regret, though covered, with booze and pills –
Regret, when acknowledged, reveals deep ills.
In our souls.

Pretend and smile, became the norm.
No matter what, the deep dark storm –
Arises when we feel the pain.
Arises when we see again, a baby.

So, we turn our eyes away, once more –
Pretend we don’t feel so sore.
Pretend what they said was true –
Declaring your body belongs to you,
And no other.

So, if we uphold the lie
Keep silent, so many more will die.
Our powerless voice is all we know,
Has come the day, to Him we go,
Our Father.

He spoke it all, in one short week,
He has a plan, His face we seek.
We seek Him for the grace we need
We listen as He increases seeds,
Of strategy.

Restore us where there is the need
Bring Your Healing – as we grieve.
Forgive us as we bow our knee
Teach us how to become truly free-
In You.