The Mask

Take off the mask and be amazed –
At what you find within the gaze –
Of God’s amazing Love.

Not what you thought just might be there –
Not what they said would give you scare –
Not ‘all alone’ – that which you feared –
Be embraced, consumed, and endeared.

‘Defend’ will no more be the goal.
‘Pretend’ could fall far from your soul –
Linked to; becomes a way of life –
‘Led by;’ the norm instead of strife

The world around, it has its way –
To pull you off your path –
To make you think you have to pay –
To intimidate you with wrath.

But listen within and hear God’s voice –
So wise, so kind and clear.
History no longer the only choice –
Let Love just draw you near.

How can I tell? You sometimes say –
How do I get to know God’s way?
Would He really speak to me?
Heal my heart and set me free?

                                        I’ve done much wrong and can’t forget -

My life defined by much regret, ‘you say.’
Punishment? Yes, it must come,
Just badger me till I am numb:
Man’s way!

But yes, there is another way –
With no more painful price to pay.
Just lean on in, do this your part.
You’ll be amazed, He’ll change your heart.
Believe within your heart and say:
Forgive me Lord, show me the way.
I’ve tried it all, this road I’ve laid –
Repeat of past, cruel games I’ve played.

I wonder now what He could do –
If what you have to say is true?
‘Forgive me, Lord’ – is that the key –
The first step that will set me free?

‘But what if then He walks away?’
He’s not like man, he doesn’t play –
He’s faithful and His Word is true.
Call His name, He’ll answer you –
With Love.