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I have known Judy for at least 38 years. During that time, I have witnessed her transformation from searching for God, and now abiding in Him. Life has not been easy for Judy. She has experienced life as we all have, broken relationships, health issues, and death of loved ones. So many life events can try anyone’s faith and cause you to ask the tough questions of why? Judy got stronger and closer to God the more she experienced life. Judy is a woman of action. Several times over the years when we had a need, Judy jumped in her car immediately, and drove 16 hours to help us. Who does that? Judy is my mentor and has encouraged me to get closer to God and live out my faith. I see the Holy Spirit work in Judy as she reflects His love, joy, compassion, and forgiveness. Her knowledge of God’s truth in the Bible has become a part of who she is. I love Judy’s God inspired poems that reflect the cry of our hearts. Judy has a God given desire to help others know and experience God’s love and guidance as she has.

B. Shoemaker

If you are desiring something more than the ordinary standard of life or church teaching. The inspired works of Judy Hicks, will lead you into a deeper purpose, relationship, and connection with Truth and true identity. Judy has searched for a lifetime to find the Truth and she will share it with you in her writings bringing revelation and renewal to those who know there is more to life in Christ. She has shared her revelation with me as an inspiration to keep on the path to peace. Her Prayoems teach us to take our thoughts captive and encourage intimacy with Father God. Judy Hicks is an inspired inspiration. It has been an honor to work with her and share in the knowledge of Him through her works.

J. Thomas

I am forever changed by my exposure to Judy Hicks and the Peace Movement. The beauty of the process that she lays out through the Pathways to Peace series is that it provides the framework for each person to make it their personal journey. I felt supported through the whole process as I applied the techniques and practices for personal healing and communing with God. I was raised Catholic and never really understood nor believed the notion that God was accessible and desiring to be in relationship with me. In my searching for personal peace, I’ve read a lot of books and tried a lot of other programs but nothing was as real, personal and intimate as the Peace Movement and the teaching of Judy Hicks. Truly God inspired and life altering. I now believe and know how to abide with God in a way that I never dreamed was possible. A must read for anyone who desires personal intimacy with God and the lasting peace that He makes available through relationship with God!. T Snyder, MBA

T. Snyder

Judy Hicks; affectionately known to me as, “Momma Judy.” So many things could be said. For me, it started with a wonderful friendship between her daughter and I, but I had no idea that friendship would lead me to the heart of Momma Judy. If you could envision someone who embodies the ocean, it would be her; a source of beauty, serenity and peace, but holds a force and power that wreaks havoc if stirred up. She’s able to speak to the deepest part of your soul and usher in the peace of God like no one I know; but at the same time, the moment she sees, hears or senses you’re NOT walking in what God says, she brings an anointing and direct precision that pierces the darkness and silences the lies of the enemy. It’s in those moments that God uses her to remind you of who you are in Him in the most beautiful and loving way. Her voice brings hope and peace; her wisdom and anointing bring authority and strength through the truth in love; and her prayers move mountains. I would not be where I am today without her and her obedience to what God wants her to be to me and so many other women, and because of that sensitivity, she has changed the entire trajectory of our lives. She has become the mentor and example of the Father’s heart I never knew I needed.

D. J. Millin

Judy Hicks, whose Spirit is so pure that it comes out in her poems which she has lovingly coined as “Prayoems”. She opened her home to my life group (of women) that spent a weekend at her home. Judy is generous and gracious to her family, friends, associates, and church family. Her Prayoems, speak to the human heart and reaches you right where you are. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Lovingly,

P Autry

Just to read and hear the voice of the Lord in her writings and her Prayomes opens a place of peace that passes understanding also allows  me to feel the presence when reading these books. Truly inspired.

L. Crow

In today’s world of negativity, it is so encouraging to have words of hope and love arrive in ones message box. The Holy Spirit is still speaking to those who have ears to hear and the talent to put the whispers of love and wisdom into print and sharing with those who need a word of encouragement.

G. Stoddard

Judy Hicks has been an inspiration to me for many years. By listening and watching her in her personal relationship with God, I have deepened my belief in His love as a guiding light in my own life. I have watched her learn to turn to Him instantly when in search of direction and wisdom. He has never failed her and now I believe that He is in charge of my life and He will not fail me either. There is nothing like devotion to Him and His Word when you see it first-hand. It’s powerful and life-changing and I am grateful to Judy for sharing her experiences and her writings with me.

L. Church

I have had the privilege to have Judy Hicks as a mentor. Through her guidance I was able to receive God’s message – God’s Gift of Love. I have read, studied, and prayed the materials given me and am able to say that I have never been closer in my walk.

D Witt

Judy Hicks is a longtime friend. She is a Woman of God who has been consistently generous to others in word and deed. Positioned by Our Lord as a prophetic scribe, she brings to those in need His counsel and compassion. She is committed to her call and multitudes have and will be helped and blessed.

S. Reynolds

My life has changed because of the ministry of Judy Hicks. She has helped me to walk in the freedom of continually discovering who I am in God and my purpose in his Kingdom. I’ve learned how to recognize and peel back the layers of wrong thinking in the presence of God and allow his thoughts to become my thoughts. She has challenged me not to settle for the destructive cycles that I thought were normal but to come up and live the God kind of life. I will walk out this journey with God the rest of my life and I’m so grateful that He is using Judy as a mentor and dear friend to navigate through this journey with me.

K. Conner

One of the most beautiful and profound blessings of Judy and her work, to me personally, is the peace that flows from her words that coats my mind and soul. In my conversations with her, I hear and feel a tangible presence of peace and calm. I am reminded of the love God has for me, and His desire to have me in closer connection to Him throughout each moment. Her writings express an understanding of life situations and real-world issues, then inject the answers found in God’s truth in ways that help me refocus and realign. Her life is a living example of the peace found in God’s presence!


C. Len

God is creative far beyond human understanding. Made in His image we are also designed to release His Kingdom through creativity and that is exactly what Judy does. She taps into heaven and the Father’s creativity flows through her in order to bring heaven down. When listening or reading her Prayoems it is as if you are standing amidst angels worshipping God. Her Prayoems speak to your spirit in a manner that no words can describe. It is like sitting under a cool waterfall on a hot desert. Like the best medicine to a spirit-ache. Her work touches people to the core of their being. As you read her Prayoems new realms of understanding God’s heart and intention for each life unfolds before you. Be ready to be touched by the Holy Spirit in ways no words can ever desribe. I Kleyn – Artist for Peace Movement paintings.

I Kleyn