Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions that you agree to by continuing to use this website and its functions.


A simple Terms of Service should generally have at least the following:


  •      Who is the Company providing the service or product
  •      What is the service or product provided by the Company
  •      Where is the Company’s website
  •      When will the agreement terminate
  •      Why might the User not be granted access to the website
  •      How does the User agree to accept the Terms of Service

It may also include the following provisions if they apply to your website or application:


  • No Representations – the Company makes no representations about appropriateness or availability of the website in other countries


  • Minors – minors are not permitted to use the website or must first receive permission from a parent


  • Purchasers and Payment – how purchases, billing, and payments on the website will be made


  • Refund and Return Policy – if and how Users can return products or receive a refund



  • Registration – User promises that all the information provided at registration is accurate and will be updated if necessary


  • User Name – Company can change a User name if deemed inappropriate for any reason


  • User Content – User owns or has licenses to any contributions, and the contributions do not infringe on any intellectual property


  • Contribution License – User grants Company a license to use contributions in any way


  • User Reviews – guidelines for User reviews



  • Mobile Applications – license and terms specific to the mobile app


  • Social Media – policies regarding linking social media accounts



  • Submissions – any User-submitted questions, ideas, or information about the website can be used by the Company as they like


  • Prohibited Activities – User cannot use the website for certain activities


  • Electronic Contracting – User agrees to the Terms of Use with any electronic submissions


  • Electronic Signatures – Users can transmit electronic signatures



  • Intellectual Property – all content on the website and trademarks, service marks and logos are owned and licensed by the Company, and provided “as is”


  • Third Party Websites – the Company is not responsible for any third party websites that it may link to


  • Site Management – the Company may monitor and remove content from the website


  • User Data – the Company may retain certain personal data provided to the website



  • Privacy Policy – reference and link to any privacy policy the Company may have


  • Copyright Infringement – how Users may inform the Company of any infringements


  • Counter Notification – how Users may inform the Company of content User believes was wrongly taken down from the website



  • Disclaimers – any disclaimers by the Company regarding the contents and use of the website


  • Limitations on Liability – any limitations on the liabilities of the Company


  • Indemnity – User will indemnify the Company in certain situations such as lawsuits arising out of User contributions, User’s use of the website, or User’s breach of the Terms of Use


  • Corrections – Company may make corrections to the website



  • Term and Termination – how either party can terminate the agreement


  • Modifications – Company can make modifications to the Terms of Service


  • Disputes – governing law and how disputes will be handled


  • Notices – where to send notices


  • Contact Info – how to contact the Company


  • Miscellaneous – legal speak regarding the agreement