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Peace Within – There is a place of Perfect Peace where Divine Health, clarity of mind, Wisdom and the voice of God/Love resides! This place is so unfamiliar to humans that most are unaware of its existence.

Do You find yourself constantly seeking ‘more’ and finding less? The ‘more’ offered in The Peace Movement is a process of learning to recognize, gain access to, then abiding in The Peace that passes all human understanding. Without knowing personally there is this place, we only can reflect the ways of others around us. Much of their ways are far from peaceful and not what we would choose if we knew there is an option. There is an option! The Peace Movement invites you to explore what it is to live aware of listening for the Voice of God, discerning it from all other voices, then allowing God’s Love to guide your life. As we achieve Peace within, we are prepared to have —

Peace with Another – We each have ‘a way’ about us. We bring our ‘way’ to everything we do and everyone we touch. Our way consists of a whole bag full of expectations, habits, and patterns. We find this ‘way’ continually shows us ‘right’ and most all others ‘wrong.’ Or all others ‘right’ and us ‘wrong. Neither way produces peace and unity and often leaves us wondering why relationships end with little satisfaction.

Life does not have to remain this way. As we establish Peace within, we have that ‘more’ to bring to all interactions and relationships. The Peace Movement offers a pathway to learn to walk in and be an agent of peace with others. As we learn to have Peace with another, we can bring —

Peace to the World – We become agents for Peace and are able to bring a greater understanding to the world. Battles are raging all around us and the world’s agendas are far from ‘good.’ Through The Peace Movement we get to choose with what and whom we will partner, and what we will promote. As we discover the God of Peace, the God of Love, and the God of All Wisdom, our world will shift to align with GOD’S plan. And that plan is GOOD.


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