Pathways To Peace Step 1


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Pathway to Peace……

Freedom Peace Pathways!

What is normal for man? Try to hold’ it’ together!
And then all storms come. Yes, all kinds of weather!
And we do our thing, through our habits to survive –
Yet many today are asking, What is *abundantly alive’?

Mostly doubting there are answers to bring total relief.
We use many distractions from man’s belief –
We submit to long held practices in our sours ways – –
Yet amidst all those bondage attempts? Brighter days! –

Yes, Lord You reveal as we seek Your heart –
You planned to save and restore to the part –
The part You knew from the beginning –
We would fill as we embrace “Your winning’ –

So we first thank You, for Your plan –
You spoke for each woman and man –
Plan of abundant healing, restorative power –
To bring Your will into our lives this hour!


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