Paths To Peace


Volume 1

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A Collection of Prayoems & ContePrayoems
In this series the author presents responses to the
questions most asked – What is Love really? Is
there a God who loves me? And does God have a
plan for me? The answer is a resounding YES!
Her Journey through over six hundred and eighty
inquiries is shared in this series. The truth God
released in these prayoems is available to all who
are hungry for healing, wisdom and love.
Engage and receive for yourself.

In man’s search for meaning, much can be explored.
Spurring the inquiry? Wondering if adored?
Loved, not as mankind offers in ways he knows –
Rather LOVE as the Only responsive God shows.

We wonder, is there One to whom I belong?
Is there One who really planned MY song?
Is there a sure pathway to follow –
Where isolation is no longer my place to ‘wallow?’

Shows us mercy when we deserve little –
Grace in our struggles to solve life’s riddle –
We stand all alone as we seek and find our path –
God’s Love unfamiliar and so unlike man’s wrath.

We seldom expect to hear from the One who spoke all –
So we’ve settled for man’s ways, and who makes the call-
Who has most power and bought most votes –
But as we look deeper, we see in the notes –

Reference to the One who always answers when we ask –
Releases wisdom to resolve even ‘unsolvable’ tasks –
Has rules man must follow – pathways to peace
As we learn to listen, He does release –
Our answers!


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