These poems/prayers now referred as Prayoems are part of my process of understanding who God is and how to listen and understand His ways. Most begin with life as ‘normal and familiar’ and then turn to assurance of God’s ever-presence. Until four years ago, I had no idea there was poetry in me.

Now there are 1000 Prayoems™. I have learned as I abide in Him these offerings are the gifts He has given me in those times. Most were complete within an hour. The majority were penned as fast as I could move my hands on the keyboard. I heard and I wrote what I heard. The process still amazes and humbles me.

The ways many learned to exist and build beliefs on those ways, often are far from the ways of God, the ways of Love! As you move through these Prayoems™, expect to experience the ever-increasing understanding and peace of Love’s ways and guidance for each step taken.

Engage with them by reading aloud, listening carefully for the voice of Holy Spirit attempting to reach you, teach you, and lead you to the purpose and plan God has for your life. His plans are good and will show you the ways of perfect peace, wisdom and relationship with Love who spoke and created all.

God, the lover of our souls, will tenderly and powerfully bring correction and direct every step. Our responsibility is to learn to identify God’s ways, accept his guidance, and then reap the rewards of Love’s promises.

Our Times

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As we open our eyes each day
Just what can be expected?
To see a fresh future in front of us?
Or dwell on our past, undetected?

Remember, if it’s already in the past
There is nothing we can do to change it.
Though we live in our thoughts to find more ways
Creatively trying again to rearrange it.

We imagine the things that could have been.
We ponder the ways it should have been.
We review our thoughts of what was said.
We consider we were wrong, but yes, then the dread

If it’s possible we missed the mark,
If it’s possible we are still in the dark,
And is it likely we don’t know it all?
But will we inquire, did we drop the ball?

The focus fixed on who to blame
By habit we engage in this no-win game.
A game whose rules ensnare
A game so vicious, but so few care.
Brings destruction!

As we can get some to agree –
As we convince to our story –
What really happened no longer matters.
Relationships gone, lives left in tatters.

Facts and truths, no longer what counts
Just ‘who wins’ to what does all this amount?
Lives lived in fragments, hearts broken indeed
Sold out to deception, corruption and greed.

So, we try a new angle, this time by our rules.
But this time we declare, we’ll not be made fools.
We examine the source of all things said
This time we look and see with a clear head.
This time we ask ‘what will this produce?’
Who wants this from us and for whose best use?
Sometimes the lessons come with much pain.
But they open our eyes so this time we gain.

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Hearing Who?

What is that we’re hearing?
Yes, that mumbling within.
It sounds oh so familiar,
Let understanding begin!

As we begin to understand these –
Ways and their range.
We’ll become so much less surprised
On why it’s tough to change.

Though our eyes sometimes focus –
On lips moving as you share.
Our minds are often disengaged –
With what’s going on out there.

When you sometimes feel a disconnect
More often than not you’ll be correct.
For the way the process often goes
We Listen – ‘in’- not – ‘out’ – it shows.

Just try a game of ‘telephone’
A message started just by one.
And by the time it gets around
The original message can’t be found.

What happened, oh where did it go?
Through many minds, it goes to show –
We listen for what we think we’ll hear
We spit it out and then, Oh dear!

We love being right, without a doubt –
So, we argue and we compete.
We intimidate and then we shout
Dig in our heels – no – no retreat.

And if we are another way –
We hear within our heads.
‘It must be me, I must be wrong
Just step on me, I’m not so strong.’

Whichever of these ways – we are –
Notice that, we don’t go far –
We don’t stray far from ‘home’ thoughts –
From should’s, wants, or ought’s.

The next time someone says to you
You are hardly ever listening.
Just stand and say that’s sure not true –
It’s within me, I am visiting.

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Man’s Thinking – God Calling

What’s that? – There! LORD between You and me?
Habits give what, but a lifetime at sea?
What’s that? – There! That which I’m always expecting?
Adrift and blocked from Your amazing perfecting.

Yes, I profess You as Lord.
Yes, my mouth wants Your leading.
Yet my heart, it’s still guarded –
My mind still preceding,
Your voice.

Those thoughts I know
So familiar to me.
All those ways I was shown
Taught me to be –
Not like You.

Those thoughts lead my walking
Those thoughts lead my talking
Those thoughts occupy all my time.

Those thoughts, define me.
Those thoughts, sometime blind me.
Those thoughts want my life in its’ prime.

Thoughts filled with familiar themes,
Made of futile and old worn out schemes.
Causing each day to look like the past –
Yet, my hearts cry? This must not last!

Is that You God? Did I hear through chatter?
Do my heart and my life really matter?
Your mind, fully available to me?
I seek You, and You’ll set me free?

Your Word, yes, it’s true, You made me like You!
But it’s not through my mind – I’ll get back there.
God, just keep me awake, to all that it takes –
To step over the traps and the snares.

Seduction of thoughts, reactions abound
Emotions feel oh so true.
Opinions most firm, keep one spinning around,
But not me, not this time; I choose You.

You, yes the keeper of peace unsurpassed.
You as the author of love that lasts.
Yes, You, the one who spoke in my ear,
Choose life, and embrace it, for its most dear.

Yes, love, I will guide You.
Hide My love deep inside You,
Pull you up when it feels like you’re falling.
I’ll faithfully bring forth your calling.”

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Where are the Mothers?

Once given a role known as – Mother
Intent to be grounded in ‘other’
Intent to be listening for wisdom from You.
Intent to be guided by principles true.

Intent to be taught by those gone before.
Intent to be full of love, wisdom and more.
Intent to be arms that wanted to hold
Intent to have a mind to wisely mold.

Intent to bond and let others grow.
Intent to ask – then would know.
Intent to be there in times full of need
Intent to teach love rather than greed.

Intent to feed them full from our breast.
Intent to help them grow into their best.
Intent we’d see the preciousness within
Intent we’d embrace and help them begin.

Intent to value every breath they’d take
Intent to stand and know what was at stake.
Intent we’d make way for purpose You meant.
Intent we’d honor and love what You sent.

But many times, along the way
We’ve turned from You, we’ve gone astray.
We’ve often put our wishes first
From those ways, have come the worst,
‘Not want them.’

At what point of time did we choose we could,
Not allow them to develop and thrive as they would?
What made us think a law could define?
Destroy so many sent from the divine?

What made us think there’s no price to pay?
What made us think we could have our own way?
How were we deceived to engage in such lies?
How do we return and repent not despise?
Whether the pain is turned in or turned out
Though we muffle it down, there still is a shout.
A shout that arises from deep in our heart
This shout won’t be silenced, it is now a part.

Is it really such a mystery?
Of how our much-blurred history –
Prevents our life from moving ahead?
Often filled with daily dread.

Though we quickly try hard to forget
It can’t blot out the deep regret.
Regret that deeply scars our breasts
Regret, though hidden, steals our rest.

Regret, though covered, with booze and pills –
Regret, when acknowledged, reveals deep ills.
In our souls.

Pretend and smile, became the norm.
No matter what, the deep dark storm –
Arises when we feel the pain.
Arises when we see again, a baby.

So, we turn our eyes away, once more –
Pretend we don’t feel so sore.
Pretend what they said was true –
Declaring your body belongs to you,
And no other.

So, if we uphold the lie
Keep silent, so many more will die.
Our powerless voice is all we know,
Has come the day, to Him we go,
Our Father.

He spoke it all, in one short week,
He has a plan, His face we seek.
We seek Him for the grace we need
We listen as He increases seeds,
Of strategy.

Restore us where there is the need
Bring Your Healing – as we grieve.
Forgive us as we bow our knee
Teach us how to become truly free-
In You.

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Love/You – In Me

Intimacy in Your presence, within my reach
Oh yes, I can really touch You.
Though Your touch doesn’t feel like any I’d known
Your calmness not like any I’ve been shown.

The noise can be thunderous all around –
While at the same time this peace does surround.
A peace residing through only Your grace
A peace consuming and shows me a place.

A place of Your comfort, a place of Your power,
A sense of direction, just right for this hour.
So, order my steps, hold my heart in Your hand.
Teach me to hear, to hear clearly Your plan.

Your plan long ago set in place with intent –
Filled with wisdom and knowledge to lead me.
Yes, this plan, for my good, to direct as You would
All along – Your provision to feed me.

To feed me what I really need,
The truth of Your guidance each day.
Which way do I turn? Don’t let go, yes, I’ll learn,
Your wisdom, Your power, Your way.

And as I walk through this life You have for me
I listen and learn; You adore me.
I’m awakened to Your presence within
Saying, trust Me lean on Me, begin.

Through most of the years, I thought: ‘lean on me,’
But finding You – here, keeps on setting me free.
Free to love in new ways I’ve never known.
To be led by Your hand as you’ve continually shown,
You as LOVE.

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The Mask

Take off the mask and be amazed –
At what you find within the gaze –
Of God’s amazing Love.

Not what you thought just might be there –
Not what they said would give you scare –
Not ‘all alone’ – that which you feared –
Be embraced, consumed, and endeared.

‘Defend’ will no more be the goal.
‘Pretend’ could fall far from your soul –
Linked to; becomes a way of life –
‘Led by;’ the norm instead of strife

The world around, it has its way –
To pull you off your path –
To make you think you have to pay –
To intimidate you with wrath.

But listen within and hear God’s voice –
So wise, so kind and clear.
History no longer the only choice –
Let Love just draw you near.

How can I tell? You sometimes say –
How do I get to know God’s way?
Would He really speak to me?
Heal my heart and set me free?

                                        I’ve done much wrong and can’t forget -

My life defined by much regret, ‘you say.’
Punishment? Yes, it must come,
Just badger me till I am numb:
Man’s way!

But yes, there is another way –
With no more painful price to pay.
Just lean on in, do this your part.
You’ll be amazed, He’ll change your heart.
Believe within your heart and say:
Forgive me Lord, show me the way.
I’ve tried it all, this road I’ve laid –
Repeat of past, cruel games I’ve played.

I wonder now what He could do –
If what you have to say is true?
‘Forgive me, Lord’ – is that the key –
The first step that will set me free?

‘But what if then He walks away?’
He’s not like man, he doesn’t play –
He’s faithful and His Word is true.
Call His name, He’ll answer you –
With Love.

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Who Will Stand?

Who will stand in this generation?
Who will stand with bold determination?
Who will stand in the shedding of tears?
Who will stand for the redemption of years?
Yes, who will still stand?

Who will stand and not be swayed?
Who will stand and not be played?
Through the decades, we’ve walked through the trials.
Through the heartaches, deceptions and miles –
Of rough roads.

Yet, we’re far from ready to be cast aside.
Yes, we’re far from ready to bail from this ride.
We’ve stood and been strengthened through every turn
Diligent, determined, continuing to learn –
All we can.

Now we see through eyes, sometimes seasoned and wise
We seek first the ONE who’s embraced us.
We stood on our own, understand ‘all alone’
Knelt, surrendered, and allowed HIM –
To reshape us.

We desire to be seen as more than gray in the crowd
Reshaped and restored, yes, we’re crying out loud.
Don’t miss it, don’t shelve it, don’t warehouse us away
Make with us a space; yes, a space where we may –
Pour out and flow.

A place where we’re asked, ‘What do you know?’
A place we’re embraced, a place we can show –
That there is more left in us, than poured out to date
For in our hearts and hands it is not too late –
‘To help shift’

When ‘honor’ is spoken, just what does that mean?
Walk by us quietly, as though we’re not seen?
For as we still walk, a big price has been paid –
There’s perseverance and courage in that path we laid. -Yes, see us.

There is much in our minds and our hearts to be shared
There is so much desire to be linked and be paired
With ones who can listen to the wisdom formed
One’s not afraid to step out of the norm of
‘Ignore them.’
Oh, hear us.

Consider the thought, – ‘they may not yet be done’
We are finding our voice through the battles we’ve won.
We’ve much more to say than just talk of the past
We come with boldness and strength proven, that lasts.
Yes, include us.

The scars that we carry, the ‘healed’ of our hearts,
Our transparent hunger, our countless new starts.
Our resilient devotion to those we love
When solidly embraced, could give all a big shove
To His arms.

Include the wisdom of won lessons in life –
Embracing connection and stomping out strife.
We ask, as you see us, as you glance our way
Remember, we’re believing for a power – filled day.
Yes, we’re standing.

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You – Real

The thought You would care for me,
Just boggles my mind, it does.
The thought – I can be set free,
Set free from all that was?

The idea that I can move ahead,
Not face each day with so much dread.
When trials come, not feel alone?
Is this really meant for me?

The promise for many brighter days,
Appeals to me in so many ways.
Circles I’ve walked, many vicious were they –
A break in all those cycles this day?

And what is this I have to sell?
For a way of life that’s not all Hell?
For a way of life teaching me peace
For a way of life that can release –
This pain.

I’ve searched my brain for all it’s known –
I’ve given all as I have grown.
This time the answer not from my head.
Yes, this time void of that awful dread.

This time comes the call deep within –
‘Just come to me and you’ll begin –
Believe I’m real – come follow Me –
One step at a time and you will see.’

Cry out to Me, ‘I need Your best –
Just teach me how to flow and rest.’
And then you’ll hear, ‘Open your heart,
I’ll show real love, not just a part.’

There is no name above His name –
It’s JESUS, He took all the blame
There’s no one who hears more clearly.
He loves you and He’ll hold you dearly.

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Yes – Decree

You said that I could decree a thing,
They said my voice didn’t matter.
I thought, how would I sort this out?
Distinguish between all the chatter?

So many telling me how to walk,
Even more telling me how to talk
Yes, how old do I must be?
Before I recognize in me, there’s wisdom?

What voice do I listen to?
Distinguish just what one is true?
What is that God, what are You saying?
Just walk with You and keep on praying?

Rely not on my incessant thinking?
Remember most just keeps on linking
To the things, I’ve thought before
Through the patterns walk once more.

When I’m thinking ‘this’ or ‘that’
When I see through ‘either’ ‘or’
Wake me God to: ‘It is Me’
Shift me Lord, so I can see –
From YOUR point of view.

Your Word says very clearly –
Your ways are not my ways –
Your thoughts are not my thoughts –
Your length of days are not my days.

I believe I can understand
As You guide me with Your hand.
You know I’ve searched through what’s not You.
Then discovering what’s always true –
Your Word, Lord.

So, help me now to overcome
The ways my minds distracted
Remind me now that You’re the one
With the plan to be reenacted.

This day I will decree a thing
Aligning with your plan
And see, as only You can bring
What’s guided by Your hand.

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Help Me See

Help me see through Your eyes of Love –
Identifying hunger for that from above.
Identify rage to protect from abuse.
Identify value to replace the ‘no use’
In my mind.

Help me see through Your heart of Love
Identifying gentle as that of a dove.
Identifying caring for others as good
Identifying compassion as only You would
From Your heart.

Help me see through Your hand of Love
Identifying that touch could be tender.
Identifying that hand raised could be for praise
Identifying that it’s good to surrender –
To Your love.

Help me see through Your arms of Love
Strong, protecting as You form me new.
Change my mind, heal my heart
As we walk out this fresh start
A new day, a new way of Love, in You.

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Peel Me Back

God, peel me back
All I’ve known ‘me’ to be.
Till I reach raw honesty and authenticity with You –
Connected and intimate.

Help me to unravel these decades of ‘sound bites’ of existence –
Until I know and connect once again with You as my source.
You’re the one who planted this spirit in the womb
With intention and purpose for good.

Help me to develop the capacity and wisdom
To hear and yield only to Your direction.
Uncover, as only You can do, with detailed thoroughness
All in me not matching and reflecting Your way.

Help me to detect early the familiar fear that arises
When I forget, You are here with me?
Derail the whirlwind of thoughts hijacking
My knowing and growing back to You.

Peel me back Oh God.
Re – mind me and help me once again to avoid settling
For the smooth deception and self-serving agendas all around.
Help me to walk daily in the power and truth of Your Word, of Love.

Peel me back – to Your original intention.
Make the way as I walk through this day unconcealed.
Whisper words wise and true as I run after You
Yes, peel ‘me’ back to reveal Your LOVE – walking.

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For You So Love

‘For You so LOVE’
Reaches deeper than the mind can go
Rings more true than the thoughts can know
Embraces as it draws us in,
You’re LOVE.

Goes beyond the limit of our way
Though we think we’re ruler of the day.
We hold tightly to the thoughts we’ve known
Till we hit the wall, kneel, then are shown,
Your LOVE.

Dispelling myths requiring perfection
Trying to control all without detection
A smile on our face, hiding the terror
Avoiding surrender, resisting the bearer

Revealing the limits of ‘would’s and of ‘should’s
Of our methods of trying to empower.
Exchanging our efforts to limit You, Lord
For Your unique intent for this hour.
More – LOVE.

Revealing our ways as we try to replace You
With things we make up, ignoring whether true.
Still You take our hand in Your hand
Firmly turning us back toward Your plan.

We cry out Lord, we’re not enough!
Tried all we can to strut our stuff –
And yet we know inside of us
There must be more, help us to trust
You – LOVE

Yes, shake us, remake us, and free us from our way –
Addictions, restrictions, and the price we pay –
For believing our minds can mimic Your way
God show what only You are – this day. -True Love.

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Help! Lord

Help me to walk my way through this Lord,
Just take me by the hand.
Help me to see what action to take,
Hold tightly my heart, so it won’t break.
Yes, help me get all the way through.

Yes, born of my body, this one is he,
A life void of dreams of what he could be.
Walked through with no knowledge of Your ways
Of a plan for his life – of You numbering his days
Lord, just help me get all the way through.

Mid – thirties with family and turmoil abound
A heart all mixed up, his mind spinning around
Lashing out with his tongue to hurt when he can,
Defending and trying as hard as any man.
Oh Lord, help us get all the way through.

Help me to hear clearly what he’s trying to say
Heal and open my heart as I sit here and pray.
Yes, wisdom I need as I seek Your face
Stay committed and patient as we run out this race.
Oh God, help us get all the way through.

Not of flesh and blood are these battles we’re fighting
Yet when attack comes it strikes fast just like lightening
Aimed straight toward our minds and – hearts to destroy
Be vigilant and wise and aware of the ploy, –
We hear softly-

“Oh yes, I’ll help you all the way through.
Remember, I told you he’s here in my hand –
I’m molding and shaping according to plan.
So, fret not as he struggles and trust me till when

You will see him return, whole – stronger and then
Yes, you’ll know I helped ALL the way through.”

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Discovering You

Created to be Your reflection
To move back toward Your perfection
Peeling back all the lies
Listening to all the whys.
So long.

Tried to do it so all alone
From the data base, I had known
From the outside, it was rewarded
But on the inside felt so aborted
Torn away.

No words could I find for the feeling
But was left with my mind often reeling
Myriad of options did I explore
All just left a hunger for more.
Felt drained

Kept pushing on – producing much
And then one day I felt Your touch.
This touch I could not forget
This tender touch brought no regret.

And how to grow I did inquire
Get closer to this burning fire.
This fire that came from deep within
This passion rising once again.

And just how do I walk this out –
This joy I feel, I want to shout?
Secure, how do you demonstrate?
Pass it on, it’s not too late.
Call on Him.

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You First

Though the world tries to pull me away –
There is one thing I’ll stand here and say –
Just You first, God.

There are many roles I stand in
There are many directions I land in
But, I hunger for that which Your hand’s in
Yes, You first God.

I’ll love those around me as You show me how
I’ll surely not settle, I’ll not take a bow
To our ways – contrary – divided from truth
Screaming and shouting and acting uncouth.
Yes, only You, God.

These ways that we know are with us on the throne
We always are ‘right’- pretending we own
All knowledge and patents that ever were
Not noticing how little we know for sure.
Yes, you said all, God.

We hold on so tight to the things we know
Defending, protecting, so our fear won’t show.
Debating, berating, those that disagree
Deceived by the thought that ‘we’re slightly free’
Yes, speak truth God.

When we come together and finally agree
This church that You’ve assigned power
Not looking to man and ways that he sees
Just humbling ourselves in this hour.
Putting You first, God.

So, take off the blinders we hold so dear
Unplug our ears so we start to hear.
The wisdom of the ways You designed
Following strategies of the Divine.
Yes, Yours’s, God.

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Who and What Defines me?

Who defines me?
Who gets to say who I am?
Who gets to point the direction I go?
Who gets to determine the things I know?
Yes, Who?

That day I began, so tiny, so small
That day I was planted against that wall
The day that Mom became my source
That day ‘of this world,’ became my course
That day!

During that time my brain formed
Little did I know it would become my norm?
Little did I know the patterns and paths?
Little did I know those ways would last
And become ‘Me’

My first glimpse outside, they spanked me, I cried.
Fear and panic that – then defined me.
Strange place, all alone, not at all like I’d known
Cold, naked and fighting to be.

The pathway of life to which I soon found
Depended a lot on who was around
Were they receptive to the needs I had?
Did I please them enough or was I just bad?

Many little ones there, close in age, unaware
Of the struggles our parents were going through.
So, big sis, yes, she tried, held us close when we cried
Hope spread thin, all turned in, yes, we’re going to –
Hang on!

Those close to me, they seemed to know,
They kept me alive, I continued to grow.
My focus turned to tasks to be done,
Work hard, do them well, then maybe some fun.

And then one summer, for a week of reprieve
Bible School – in that quaint little church.
They showed me a way, asked do you believe?
Said Yes and – Love made my heart lurch.

What opened my eyes made life never the same.
Knew there was hope, they said Jesus – His name.
How do I hold on to what had transformed?
To something so drastic – had made a new norm.

No words to describe the peace I felt.
But somehow, I knew the “steel wall” could melt.
The wall erected to keep abuse away
Now free – a new journey began that day.

But something was there, I could not explain.
While looking around, it became quite plain.
The rules of engagement in the world outside –
Required ‘be tough’ as a place to abide.
Hope was fading.

One more decade went by,
Then thought – marriage, I’d try –
To a man knowing love more than me.
Gently defining ‘wife’s’ role, the way we would go
Could this be the way back to ‘free?’

A few years passed, a mother at last –
Two little ones looked in my eyes.
As they reached out to see, oh could I really be
What they needed – warm, nurturing and wise?

How little did I know about which way to go -?
To take care and to know how to guide.
So, I watched a dear friend, who was able to show
How to tenderly hold and allow love to thrive.

And as the days went by, I continued to try –
To recover the peace, I’d known.
But what filled the place was turmoil, not grace
Full of patterns I’d learned and was shown.

Holding terror and fear at arms’ length
Knowing not who to call on for strength
Acknowledging life’s base I had known
With so little of freedom shown.

Mom and Dad, yes amazing and hard working
Loyal, moral, lived determined, with fear lurking.
Yet, so ‘normal’ was that way of life.
What was expected? – Days filled with strife.

Unwilling to settle for what I had known
Knowing deep within, there was more to be shown.
Moving ahead with much resolve
Exploring, not stopping until I could solve
The mystery.

That mystery I’d experienced that day at ten.
That mystery I’d search for till I’d find again.
Decades full of education and learning
Experimenting, many trials still left me yearning.
Yet determined.

So, in a quite unexpected way,
Found the Love I had known ‘that day’
I opened the door to a room with no light
Yet the room contained a presence so bright.

Was instantly consumed, just had to stay
Have so much joy, still there this day.
So, as I declare ‘Who defines me?
He’s the one who through time refines me.

He’s the one who took all I thought was lacking
Wrapped up the lies and sent them packing.
Has me standing on solid ground
Planted and no longer looking around.
Content and belonging.

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I Run to You

I run to You
Starving to know You
Not settling for what is “about You”
But craving to walk in the ways revealing You as

I run to You
No longer willing to accept
The ‘neck up’ distortion of one distant
Cold and unconcerned. Rather, craving that which is
“You – LOVE”

I run to You
Admitting the emptiness
Of life with “Me” as the central focus.
Bringing the harsh lines and limits of that which I call ‘my mind”
It’s Not “YOU” – Love.

I run to You
Acknowledging the path I ran
Admitting the arrogance of saying, I can do this myself
Denying the isolation, it brought, calling it what it was – alone

I run to You
Naked with no defense of what I learned to call “ME”
Lifting my hands – heart full of what I now see
All wisdom in YOU, now YOU in me –
Willing – connected – full

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The Powerful Draw

So many things I’d like to get done.
So many directions I’m pulled.
So many ways in my mind, yet there’s one
That screams louder than all the should’s.

There is purpose available this day.
Oh – yes God show me Your powerful way
Draw me close as I lean into Your arms.
Yes, You Lord silence all alarms.

Help me to hear Your voice, oh so wise
Help me focus and see thru the lies
Help me shift to You ordering my steps
Help me remember what You said from the depths
Of Your love.

You have a plan You spoke long ago.
That plan is so good and I’m hungry to know –
Its power and truth, its transforming way
One step after step to a power filled day.

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From Man’s Ways to Real Freedom!

As we discover the power when we say, “I don’t know!”
We tap into the mind set where You, God can show –
Show us Your Will and Your desire for us for each day –
We then get to consider, will we really listen for Your way?

Are we willing to learn to believe greater ways of  ‘faith lived?’
Or settle for life without the power You say You faithfully give?
Give freely as we listen and walk following Your Love way –
While we abide in Your Presence, seek Your face each day!

Seek You, as we repent and lay down all ‘bright thoughts.’
And admit there is much more than agendas we bought!
Bought, repeated, embraced and proceed to claim as ‘me’
Often unaware of Your Power, You know all and can free –
Us from error!

You provide all direction needed to hear from Your heart!
You release every step’s direction to fulfill unique parts!
Parts and plans You knew and assigned for us to discover –
And as We seek Your face and Your wise ways, we recover –
Our pathway!

The path, full of Wisdom and good intention for us to follow –
Listening for Your voice, rather than familiar ways we wallow!
Wallow and defend what is comfortable from habitual ways!
God, forgive us and awaken us to Your intention for our days!

As we learn to hear You outside the data base of our pasts –
Help us sort out Your truth from opinions and ways that last –
Remain, as ‘the way I am,’ till You awaken us to Your voice!
It is then we begin to make Your ‘abundant life,’ our choice!

So, this day I choose You and ask You to draw me to abide –
Near Your heart of Love and Wisdom, knowing You inside –
Inside; not far away and uninterested in concerns I have!
You said to take every thought captive, for You spread salve – 
On needed healing!

Healing from patterns relying on agendas ‘not of You!’
Forgiveness for all ways ‘in error’ – ways I habitually do!
Do what I know all times I forget to listen for Your voice.
God, merciful One, I once again make Your ways, my choice –
Have Your way, Lord!

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I Run To You

I run to You
Starving to know You
Not settling for what is “about You”
But craving to walk in the ways revealing You as

I run to You
No longer willing to accept
The ‘neck up’ distortion of one distant
Cold and unconcerned. Rather, craving that which is
“You – LOVE”

I run to You
Admitting the emptiness
Of life with “Me” as the central focus.
Bringing the harsh lines and limits of that which I call ‘my mind”
It’s Not “YOU” – Love.

I run to You
Acknowledging the path I ran
Admitting the arrogance of saying, I can do this myself
Denying the isolation, it brought, calling it what it was – alone

I run to You
Naked with no defense of what I learned to call “ME”
Lifting my hands – heart full of what I now see
All wisdom in YOU, now YOU in me –
Willing – connected – full

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His Promise – True

Acknowledging pain in this Mother’s heart
While questions rise in my mind.
At what crossroads, did they really depart?
Truthful answers will I ever find?

Oh, Lord what do You say to do while we heal?
“Remember I’m redeemer and high tower
Remember I lived and died, it was real
Was all to include in this hour.

Do you think there is one thing that I do not see?
The terror, the doubt, and the tears?
Finally, when you yield on bended knee
Its then, I’ll redeem all the years.

I’ll bring you to wisdom, and set your heart right.
I’ll teach you to stand in your sorrow.
I’ll show you your future and it will be bright.
A family restored in the morrow.”

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