Peel Me Back

God, peel me back
All I’ve known ‘me’ to be.
Till I reach raw honesty and authenticity with You –
Connected and intimate.

Help me to unravel these decades of ‘sound bites’ of existence –
Until I know and connect once again with You as my source.
You’re the one who planted this spirit in the womb
With intention and purpose for good.

Help me to develop the capacity and wisdom
To hear and yield only to Your direction.
Uncover, as only You can do, with detailed thoroughness
All in me not matching and reflecting Your way.

Help me to detect early the familiar fear that arises
When I forget, You are here with me?
Derail the whirlwind of thoughts hijacking
My knowing and growing back to You.

Peel me back Oh God.
Re – mind me and help me once again to avoid settling
For the smooth deception and self-serving agendas all around.
Help me to walk daily in the power and truth of Your Word, of Love.

Peel me back – to Your original intention.
Make the way as I walk through this day unconcealed.
Whisper words wise and true as I run after You
Yes, peel ‘me’ back to reveal Your LOVE – walking.