Our Times

#Prayers #God #Love #Peace

As we open our eyes each day
Just what can be expected?
To see a fresh future in front of us?
Or dwell on our past, undetected?

Remember, if it’s already in the past
There is nothing we can do to change it.
Though we live in our thoughts to find more ways
Creatively trying again to rearrange it.

We imagine the things that could have been.
We ponder the ways it should have been.
We review our thoughts of what was said.
We consider we were wrong, but yes, then the dread

If it’s possible we missed the mark,
If it’s possible we are still in the dark,
And is it likely we don’t know it all?
But will we inquire, did we drop the ball?

The focus fixed on who to blame
By habit we engage in this no-win game.
A game whose rules ensnare
A game so vicious, but so few care.
Brings destruction!

As we can get some to agree –
As we convince to our story –
What really happened no longer matters.
Relationships gone, lives left in tatters.

Facts and truths, no longer what counts
Just ‘who wins’ to what does all this amount?
Lives lived in fragments, hearts broken indeed
Sold out to deception, corruption and greed.

So, we try a new angle, this time by our rules.
But this time we declare, we’ll not be made fools.
We examine the source of all things said
This time we look and see with a clear head.
This time we ask ‘what will this produce?’
Who wants this from us and for whose best use?
Sometimes the lessons come with much pain.
But they open our eyes so this time we gain.