Peace Partner Team

Judy Hicks
Founder, Scribe, Visionary

Founder and God’s Scribe of over 930 poetic stories known as Prayoems. The evolution of these life transforming stories began as a personal journey of discovery and has morphed into The Peace Movement. The Movement is a progressive, intimately personal process designed to guide the reader away from man’s way of thinking and being, toward intimately knowing God’s generous grace and love.
In 2011, shortly after the passing of her mother, Judy hungered for the answers to a dream and vision she held in her heart for more than four decades. Her life-long study of psychology, philosophy, various religions, leadership training, educational system  and stress management seminars along with her extensive training in thought patterns, communication processes and personality structures gave Judy a clear understanding of what God was not! She knew that there must be more to life than this mere existence and she determined to find the answers to her prayers in the presence of God. As Judy sought to abide with God, she soon began hearing these stories and penned them as quickly as she could type. Through this hearing, writing and reflecting process, The Peace Movement was birthed and her life was transformed.
Throughout those 40 years, God allowed her to do what she thought would satisfy yet after accomplishing more than she ever dreamed, there was still this sense, this knowing, that there was something she had not yet grasped and integrated. All of the lived experiences of wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, successful entrepreneur, community leader, consultant and business owner/operator were shallow in comparison to the revelation that The Peace Movement offered.
So what is The Peace Movement? It is a self-guided, step-by-step process comprised of 38 books designed to engage all who hunger to know God intimately and discover His plan for their life. The first six foundational books of The Peace Movement are available for purchase on this site. They are constructed in a way to intimately engage you on your journey, leading you through the process of God - discovery that leads to perfect peace. You will increase in your understanding and relationship with the One who spoke all into being as you learn how to hear God's voice and allow Him to fulfill His plan for your life.

Gary Hicks
Husband, Shelter During Storms, Partner

“Peace Partner and so much more” – When he speaks most listen intently for his quiet wisdom. This man knew, before I had a clue! Fifty years ago, listening to Henry Mancini sing ‘Moon River’ in an atmosphere overflowing with Love – He knew that He knew, I was for him. We had met a few months earlier at a wedding. He was the best man, I served as a bridesmaid. He caught the garter, I caught the bouquet. Tradition would say we were to marry. My mind and heart at that time was far from agreeing with that idea! Yet, he persevered! A year later while walking down the aisle, I clearly remember thinking, I don’t have a clue about what real LOVE is!
Now, many decades later, he is still by my side. Every moment I think of him I thank God for tenderness in his heart, his faithfulness, his persevering spirit! I ask God to bless him abundantly! It took thirty-five years for me to recognize that it was almighty God, who put us together for such a time as this! From that moment of revelation, I have cherished and eternally grateful for God’s correction, healing and direction. Many live entire lives without discovering, then recognizing the importance of marriage, becoming one, and learning to understand and walk in the power in that union. I thank God for walking us into this place!
Now, I am certain God is real, has a plan, and that plan is good! Left to my own thinking, I would have walked out decades ago. Many do, thinking the grass is greener out there! As we discover we belong, have always belonged to God/Love. We are his beloved! No person can fill that role! We often are deceived into believing it is possible. And when we discover pure Love/God, we realize He knows, we don’t and when we call on Him, He reveals how to walk out that plan, hand in hand.
So, as we begin to unfold The Peace Movement, my heart overflows with gratitude for this man, Gary Hicks.

He is my visible shelter from all storms.
He is faithful and tender beyond all norms.
He is the one God put in place to cover.
All foolishness interfering as we discover –
God’s intention!
Lord, as I’m aware of the amazing path You planned.
As I continue to know to reach for Your hand.
Then release the abundance You placed in this story.
God I now bow and willingly give You the glory –
for its fruit!

Molly Hicks
Administrative Partner

Molly Hicks – Molly’s current role is administrative assistant.  Molly loves the ‘behind the scenes’ work to create events.  Molly has a kind and generous servant’s heart. Inside that heart is a worshiper. Her daughter Brianna expresses her gift through dance. They look forward to expressing their Love of God through their gifting as the Peace Movement moves! Molly’s focus in life is to love God and support the family He gave her in all ways she can. She loves watching and listening for God’s assignment and being part of making a difference in people’s lives. For the last seventeen years Molly has served as the office manager and administrative assistant for two of the family businesses. She earned a Bachelors degree in office technology and computer science.

Linda Crow
Faithful, honorable, gifted, sister in Love

Linda Crow – is seasoned through life’s laboratory and mature woman of God. She has more practical skills to get things organized and done than any I have met. She is determined and worked hard to climb the popular way to success. From entry level office positions to teaching and training adults to be outstanding in their careers. Training customer service representatives to give their best. She taught clients to use the systems they purchased. Directing teams to produce outstanding results. She managed major accounts in business. Organizing groups for specific goals to be achieved was fueled by her innate passion for excellence.
Linda achieved much by hard work and perseverance. She always looked forward and realizes she missed the joy in the moment by doing that.
She now realizes the limitations of that way and brings invaluable insight and heart to The Peace Movement. She says that we spend a lifetime to get to a place of Peace and joy in our lives. Seventy-two years of looking for peace and seeking joy. Through intense Faith in God she knows and lives with God’s life and wisdom oozing from within her. The peace maker the joy creator dwells within and we are here to listen and express that to the world. What an ambassador! Heart, head, and hand skills ready and willing.

Linda Church
God sent, connected encourager, gave voice to "Trailblazer"

Linda Marling Church – Linda understands like few I have known both sides of the life choice benefits. Throughout her adult life and almost 50 years of marriage, the Church family chose kindness, character, education, and a love for natures beauty. At seventy she is strong and resolute. Life’s battles are sometimes intense and not fair. Yet through those battles Linda stands. Just a few short years ago, she learned of an unconditional Love for her, a Love unfamiliar to many today. A love that heals and restores passion to life. She knows God, not just about God. She calls on Him and He answers. She knows how to bring peace to her storms. She brings friendship to life. Linda has been my friend for forty years and continues to inspire and speak words of encouragement into all I do to bring The Peace Movement forward. She spoke ‘trailblazer’ into my life and a flame ignited at a whole new level in my heart. She continues to reflect God’s Love and is a beautiful and valuable gift to my life.

Teresa Snyder
Gifted trainer, developer, bold and brilliant futurist

Teresa Snyder is a professional teacher, mentor, advisor and coach. God has gifted her with an ability to see beyond complex issues to provide simplistic solutions to everyday problems along with strategies for long-term personal and corporate growth. Teresa was Vice President of national bank with 30 years of experience in banking and finance. Additionally, she has extensive experience in non-profit corporation formation, operation and expansion both within the United States as well as internationally. She has held numerous leadership positions on non-profit boards and presently serves as President of Great Lakes Consortium for International Training and Development as well as Vice-President of Midwest Resource Development Agency. In 2007, Teresa founded Jita International LLC, a business consulting firm located in Northwest Ohio. The company provides strategic planning for small business and non-profit in area of business plan development, financial analysis, sustainability, non-profit board development, fundraising and grant writing. In 2011, Teresa led an 8-member delegation sponsored by U.S. State Department to Middle East to deliver training for second generation entrepreneurs on topics of succession management and sustainability. Additionally, she assisted in providing professional mentorship for 30 family-owned businesses in Jordan, Lebanon and Dubai. As a result of her efforts internationally, she was recognized by the State of Ohio House of Representatives as Ohio’s International Woman of the Year for 2012. Teresa obtained a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Eastern Michigan University, a MBA in Executive Management from the University of Toledo and a Doctorate Degree in Business Management with a specialty in Leadership from Capella University. She is dedicated student of the teachings found within the Peace Movement and is committed to contributing both practical and spiritual insight as a trainer, facilitator and coach, along-side founder, Judy Hicks, and the other Peace Movement Partners.