Man’s Thinking – God Calling

What’s that? – There! LORD between You and me?
Habits give what, but a lifetime at sea?
What’s that? – There! That which I’m always expecting?
Adrift and blocked from Your amazing perfecting.

Yes, I profess You as Lord.
Yes, my mouth wants Your leading.
Yet my heart, it’s still guarded –
My mind still preceding,
Your voice.

Those thoughts I know
So familiar to me.
All those ways I was shown
Taught me to be –
Not like You.

Those thoughts lead my walking
Those thoughts lead my talking
Those thoughts occupy all my time.

Those thoughts, define me.
Those thoughts, sometime blind me.
Those thoughts want my life in its’ prime.

Thoughts filled with familiar themes,
Made of futile and old worn out schemes.
Causing each day to look like the past –
Yet, my hearts cry? This must not last!

Is that You God? Did I hear through chatter?
Do my heart and my life really matter?
Your mind, fully available to me?
I seek You, and You’ll set me free?

Your Word, yes, it’s true, You made me like You!
But it’s not through my mind – I’ll get back there.
God, just keep me awake, to all that it takes –
To step over the traps and the snares.

Seduction of thoughts, reactions abound
Emotions feel oh so true.
Opinions most firm, keep one spinning around,
But not me, not this time; I choose You.

You, yes the keeper of peace unsurpassed.
You as the author of love that lasts.
Yes, You, the one who spoke in my ear,
Choose life, and embrace it, for its most dear.

Yes, love, I will guide You.
Hide My love deep inside You,
Pull you up when it feels like you’re falling.
I’ll faithfully bring forth your calling.”