Love/You – In Me

Intimacy in Your presence, within my reach
Oh yes, I can really touch You.
Though Your touch doesn’t feel like any I’d known
Your calmness not like any I’ve been shown.

The noise can be thunderous all around –
While at the same time this peace does surround.
A peace residing through only Your grace
A peace consuming and shows me a place.

A place of Your comfort, a place of Your power,
A sense of direction, just right for this hour.
So, order my steps, hold my heart in Your hand.
Teach me to hear, to hear clearly Your plan.

Your plan long ago set in place with intent –
Filled with wisdom and knowledge to lead me.
Yes, this plan, for my good, to direct as You would
All along – Your provision to feed me.

To feed me what I really need,
The truth of Your guidance each day.
Which way do I turn? Don’t let go, yes, I’ll learn,
Your wisdom, Your power, Your way.

And as I walk through this life You have for me
I listen and learn; You adore me.
I’m awakened to Your presence within
Saying, trust Me lean on Me, begin.

Through most of the years, I thought: ‘lean on me,’
But finding You – here, keeps on setting me free.
Free to love in new ways I’ve never known.
To be led by Your hand as you’ve continually shown,
You as LOVE.