Hearing Who?

What is that we’re hearing?
Yes, that mumbling within.
It sounds oh so familiar,
Let understanding begin!

As we begin to understand these –
Ways and their range.
We’ll become so much less surprised
On why it’s tough to change.

Though our eyes sometimes focus –
On lips moving as you share.
Our minds are often disengaged –
With what’s going on out there.

When you sometimes feel a disconnect
More often than not you’ll be correct.
For the way the process often goes
We Listen – ‘in’- not – ‘out’ – it shows.

Just try a game of ‘telephone’
A message started just by one.
And by the time it gets around
The original message can’t be found.

What happened, oh where did it go?
Through many minds, it goes to show –
We listen for what we think we’ll hear
We spit it out and then, Oh dear!

We love being right, without a doubt –
So, we argue and we compete.
We intimidate and then we shout
Dig in our heels – no – no retreat.

And if we are another way –
We hear within our heads.
‘It must be me, I must be wrong
Just step on me, I’m not so strong.’

Whichever of these ways – we are –
Notice that, we don’t go far –
We don’t stray far from ‘home’ thoughts –
From should’s, wants, or ought’s.

The next time someone says to you
You are hardly ever listening.
Just stand and say that’s sure not true –
It’s within me, I am visiting.