For You So Love

‘For You so LOVE’
Reaches deeper than the mind can go
Rings more true than the thoughts can know
Embraces as it draws us in,
You’re LOVE.

Goes beyond the limit of our way
Though we think we’re ruler of the day.
We hold tightly to the thoughts we’ve known
Till we hit the wall, kneel, then are shown,
Your LOVE.

Dispelling myths requiring perfection
Trying to control all without detection
A smile on our face, hiding the terror
Avoiding surrender, resisting the bearer

Revealing the limits of ‘would’s and of ‘should’s
Of our methods of trying to empower.
Exchanging our efforts to limit You, Lord
For Your unique intent for this hour.
More – LOVE.

Revealing our ways as we try to replace You
With things we make up, ignoring whether true.
Still You take our hand in Your hand
Firmly turning us back toward Your plan.

We cry out Lord, we’re not enough!
Tried all we can to strut our stuff –
And yet we know inside of us
There must be more, help us to trust
You – LOVE

Yes, shake us, remake us, and free us from our way –
Addictions, restrictions, and the price we pay –
For believing our minds can mimic Your way
God show what only You are – this day. -True Love.