Discovering You

Created to be Your reflection
To move back toward Your perfection
Peeling back all the lies
Listening to all the whys.
So long.

Tried to do it so all alone
From the data base, I had known
From the outside, it was rewarded
But on the inside felt so aborted
Torn away.

No words could I find for the feeling
But was left with my mind often reeling
Myriad of options did I explore
All just left a hunger for more.
Felt drained

Kept pushing on – producing much
And then one day I felt Your touch.
This touch I could not forget
This tender touch brought no regret.

And how to grow I did inquire
Get closer to this burning fire.
This fire that came from deep within
This passion rising once again.

And just how do I walk this out –
This joy I feel, I want to shout?
Secure, how do you demonstrate?
Pass it on, it’s not too late.
Call on Him.