Bits Of Wisdom
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Agents of Peace wanted!
Do you desire to do “other” than invest your life?
In the agendas to destroy, divide and add strife.
Can you believe Love is possible and has power-
To reveal all intimidating strategies this dark hour?

Bits Of Wisdom

Push Up!

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Push up! Come out of confusion, doubt and despair!
Learn to know and stand boldly in the place – where –
Where the power of the One who spoke all into being –
Is available and willing to guide all willing into freeing –
Wise strategies!


From Man’s Ways to Real Freedom!

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As we discover the power when we say, “I don’t know!”
We tap into the mind set where You, God can show –
Show us Your Will and Your desire for us for each day –
We then get to consider, will we really listen for Your way?

Are we willing to learn to believe greater ways of  ‘faith lived?’
Or settle for life without the power You say You faithfully give?
Give freely as we listen and walk following Your Love way –
While we abide in Your Presence, seek Your face each day!

Seek You, as we repent and lay down all ‘bright thoughts.’
And admit there is much more than agendas we bought!
Bought, repeated, embraced and proceed to claim as ‘me’
Often unaware of Your Power, You know all and can free –
Us from error!

You provide all direction needed to hear from Your heart!
You release every step’s direction to fulfill unique parts!
Parts and plans You knew and assigned for us to discover –
And as We seek Your face and Your wise ways, we recover –
Our pathway!

The path, full of Wisdom and good intention for us to follow –
Listening for Your voice, rather than familiar ways we wallow!
Wallow and defend what is comfortable from habitual ways!
God, forgive us and awaken us to Your intention for our days!

As we learn to hear You outside the data base of our pasts –
Help us sort out Your truth from opinions and ways that last –
Remain, as ‘the way I am,’ till You awaken us to Your voice!
It is then we begin to make Your ‘abundant life,’ our choice!

So, this day I choose You and ask You to draw me to abide –
Near Your heart of Love and Wisdom, knowing You inside –
Inside; not far away and uninterested in concerns I have!
You said to take every thought captive, for You spread salve – 
On needed healing!

Healing from patterns relying on agendas ‘not of You!’
Forgiveness for all ways ‘in error’ – ways I habitually do!
Do what I know all times I forget to listen for Your voice.
God, merciful One, I once again make Your ways, my choice –
Have Your way, Lord!


I Run To You

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I run to You
Starving to know You
Not settling for what is “about You”
But craving to walk in the ways revealing You as

I run to You
No longer willing to accept
The ‘neck up’ distortion of one distant
Cold and unconcerned. Rather, craving that which is
“You – LOVE”

I run to You
Admitting the emptiness
Of life with “Me” as the central focus.
Bringing the harsh lines and limits of that which I call ‘my mind”
It’s Not “YOU” – Love.

I run to You
Acknowledging the path I ran
Admitting the arrogance of saying, I can do this myself
Denying the isolation, it brought, calling it what it was – alone

I run to You
Naked with no defense of what I learned to call “ME”
Lifting my hands – heart full of what I now see
All wisdom in YOU, now YOU in me –
Willing – connected – full