our Intention

Shifting cycles of deception, error and loss –
Inviting us all into the truth and presence of love –
Establishing systems to sustain peace, love and joy –

our driving force

As we look to the world today, we see little peace expressed of offered. Most know few times when  there has been less regard for walking or operating in Love and peace. Agendas are screaming loud and clear. Every time through man’s history where man’s ideas, ideals, and strategies ruled, chaos and destruction ensued. There is another way! The Peace Movement offers understanding and application of principles that bring peace to each heart and mind. As we learn to walk this way, we have the Peace of God to offer others. As we see the peacemaking power in relationships, we have something of great value to bring to the world.

And so we become

Unwilling to settle for agendas to divide –
Boldly standing for the place Peace can reside –
Where abundant life, joy, true power, and Love –
Replaces intimation and the cruel shove –
Of man’s way!

what we offer

A process designed to engage all who hunger to know God intimately and discover His plan for their life. This process uncovers, aids in discovering God as alive and Loving, and invites into a deep, intimate, and satisfying relationship with God of Love, real and available to guide our steps. There is much we call ‘familiar and normal ways’ that hinder and sometimes displace an understanding and relationship with this responsive God of Love. This way of life we consider ‘me,’ is very often the stumbling block to knowing and communing with God.

The first six books of The Peace Movement are designed to bring understanding and connection to the One who spoke a good plan for life. They are constructed in a way to intimately engage you on your journey, leading you through the process of discovering God. This discovery and pathway leads to peace within, with another, and also brings peace to the world.

This process is designed to increase understanding and relationship with the One who spoke all into being. You can learn how to hear God’s voice, know if it is God, Creator and lover of our souls, and allow Him to fulfill His plan for your life.

As we know and trust God intimately, we are able to recognize all not God and all not Love!

We can learn to choose God/Love and a peaceful life filled with His power and will! We can become pure and Holy vessels carrying Love and peace to the world. God’s Holy Spirit will teach, lead, and guide us in becoming who God says we are!