Judy Hicks - Founder of The Peace Movement

The peace movement is designed to be a personal intimate journey, discovering love, joy and peace through your daily walk. You will discover a purpose for your life that was first spoken and planned by God/Love himself. You will increase in understanding of the intent of agendas offered, to divide and discourage. You will gain strength and understanding of how to maintain peace through the many storms of life.

Do you hunger for peace, replacing life’s divisive ways?

Engage and become one who can bring love and agendas for good to this troubled world.

Are you looking for solutions to live from, for your days?

Discover the process and outcome of relationships with God. Peace within enables us to hear Love’s voice guiding.

Are you willing to learn how to walk daily in deep peace?

We then establish peace with another, partnering with God and His plan. Then bring peace to the world through relationship.

Are you one desiring to know Gods real love and will, then release peace and power to others?

The Peace Movement can guide you through this journey to living in the presence of God/Love

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Belonging and Loved

Prayoem™ by Judy Hicks

We may have many ‘false starts’ in our journey to belong!
There seems to be this relentless hunger to find ‘our song!’
The often unspoken deep longing we have in our hearts –
To discover worthy purpose, to know and live the part –
That was given!

Given, to lift lives allowing us to know that we know.
We are Loved, unconditionally, Yes, God will show!
Show us that place and way satisfies and fulfills.
That perfect place – bringing assurance and stills
The turmoil!

Turmoil in our minds, replaced Love’s perfect peace.
As we know real LOVE, we learn we can release!
Release all we have followed and settled for.
Allowing joy to arise – and discover the ‘more’
For which we hunger!

Love assures, lifts, and reveals calming peace!
Love is faithful, teaches, and shows how to release.
Release, and be restored from all disappointing trials!
God, embrace us and guide through all the miles –
Of Love’s planned journey!

What can we pass on if we don’t know?
Perfect Love, which knows all and will show.
Show we belong and connects us to Love’s heart.
Then reveals the plan, for we each have a part –
To discover and live out!

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Peace Within

What do we reflect if little peace resides?
In our heart and minds where chaos abides
Causes reaction in what we do and say
God, forgive us, draw, and teach us Your way

There is a place of Perfect Peace where clarity of mind, Wisdom and the voice of God/Love resides!  We can each find that place and live life from there!

Peace With Another

As we notice, really notice, there is ‘another’ person – there.
Acknowledge and listen for their heart’s cry of despair!
Raw truth, screaming to be heard and seen –
As we bring peace within, we  then all glean-
True Love’s healing power!

We each have ‘a way’ about us. We bring our ‘way’ to everything we do and everyone we touch. Sometimes our ‘way’ hinders us from having peace-filled relationships. We can discover how to live in peace and unity!

 Peace To The World

There is power in Love’s connection for the world!
As we bring unity – God corrects all swirled!
Swirled by ‘other’s’ intention to destroy God’s plan!
As we know, believe His truth and then stand –
God restores!

As we connect with God’s peace, we become agents for Peace and are able to bring a greater understanding and demonstration of peace to the world.

Voice Of God

We can learn to discern God’s voice and His intention.
Though unfamiliar to man’s way, we now boldly mention-
As we believe God’s still God and learn to hear His voice –
We soon discover Love and His miracle working choice –
To redeem and restore us!

Creative power and Love belongs to God! God is Holy, like none other! He has a plan for each life and will help each discover their place in His plan.

Peel Me Back

by Judy Hicks

God peel me back
That which I’ve known ‘me’ to be.
Till I reach raw honesty and authenticity with You –
Connected and intimate.

Help me unravel these decades of ‘sound bites’ of existence –
Until I know and connect once again with You as my source.
You’re the one who planted this spirit in the womb
With intention and purpose for good.

Help me develop the capacity and wisdom
To hear and yield only to Your direction.
Uncover, as only You can do, with detailed thoroughness
all that is in me not matching and reflecting Your way.

Help me to detect early – the familiar fear that arises
when I forget, You are here with me.
Derail the whirlwind of thoughts hijacking
My knowing and growing back to You.

Peel me back Oh God.
Re – mind me and help me once again to avoid settling
for the smooth deception and self-serving agendas all around.
Help me to walk daily in the power and truth of Your Word, of Love.

Peel me back – to Your original intention.
Make the way as I walk through this day unconcealed.
Whisper words wise and true as I run after You
Yes, peel me back to reveal Your LOVE – walking.

I Too Have A Dream

Yes, I too have a dream – I believe is to come.
A dream to unfold life – each valued as ‘one.’
One to shape and develop with God’s Love at its core.
Protected and cherished, oh yes! We can do more.

For we still have access to the creative power –
With desire to bring God’s will to earth – this hour.
But it will not happen through division and lies –
God, we call on You now, to open our eyes.

Pull back the curtains of deception in place –
Release Your wisdom so we powerfully face –
Face the challenges, the messes we’ve caused –
By embracing man’s strategies – God help us pause.

Pause, admit and turn from ways not like You –
God, embrace our heart’s – heal and make them new.
Help us become aware and turn from our thoughts –
And power plays destroying the lives You brought.

Lives You would develop and release – Into the earth to know and bring Your peace.
God, forgive us for leaving the place You prepared – Thank You for allowing us to see ‘we‘ve been snared.’

Snared by fear filled agendas embraced by man. God help us hear clearly and return while we can.
Help us to believe and connect to Your power – So, we become vessels for good this crucial hour.

Man, falls short of finding peaceful solutions to the mess. For our minds are distorted, we come now and confess.
We grabbed the reins after listening to what’s ‘not You’. God, hear our cry – guide us through what to do.

Bring in correction to strategies causing lack – God, nothing is too big for You to bring back –
From the destructive ways – we’ve walked. Release wise strategies, replacing divisive talk!

Wise solutions won’t come through more ‘man control’ – But, rather valuing and teaching every precious soul.
There is more than enough when our focus is right. The focus cannot be on man and his might.

Let God focus return and wisdom released – Where listening to our brains distortion does cease.
Let real FAITH in Your plan rise in our hearts – God, take our hands and show us our parts.

Where we require truth and Love, where Your ways win. Where justice comes forth with Your power to begin –
Begin to shine light on all that is not You – We agree, and ask You to show us what to do.

Yes, God we believe You still have a plan – Grounded in justice, and enough for each man.
Will You transfer power to ones with Your heart? For it is only You – know where to start.

We stand with our hands lifted to You – Order our steps, show and direct what to do.
God, as we call out to You today – We acknowledge the answer: is only YOUR way!

Your way and intention is all that can restore – Healing to a world hijacked by man and more –
So, we call on Your great mercy and grace – Grab out hearts firmly, release hope so we embrace –
The challenge!

As we do, will You help us focus and agree – Only unity and truth will set us free!
Only agreement with Your ways will bring peace – Draw us all to Your heart as You release –
Your strategies!